Every new idea comes from a burning need, and in this case, that need was a  sweat absorbing, Luxury, comfort and good looks all in one cotton slippers

Just because I believe that when your feet are comfortable all your body will relax

We’ve been working on our idea since 2003, and we’ve finally perfected it!
White Rose Slippers are made with love to replace foot sweat with a soft, pleasant deodorant built into each slipper.

Right when you step your foot in, a soothing blend of essential oils embrace your feet.
Especially if you’ve had a long day at work, or a standing dancing night,  our slippers will snuggle your feet with these essential oils and give you a refreshed, pampered feeling.
Plus, your family is going to love the pleasant smell as you’re all gathered in the living room!

Get your lush, cushy, soft-scented White Rose Slippers today! and surprise your friend with the great smell all around..