Perfumed Powder

White Rose perfumed powder

Our new released production is long lasting, good smell, harmless and eco friendly combination

Suitable for body​

Perfumed powder by white Rose is a special mix of powder and natural cold pressed essential oils, feel free to use it wherever you like to smell good

Chemical free combination​

We don't use any chemical materials, all of our ingredients are 100% natural


Feel free to ask for quotation

Our Smells

We use all-natural essential oils. The blends are nonirritating and can be selected upon customers’ request. The following is a list of the blends we supply:

  • Cozy blends: lavender, jasmine, and white musk.
  • Fresh reviving blends: lemon, strawberry, rose, and ylang ylang.
  • Winter warm blends: cedarwood, luxurious oud, and frankincense.

And more!